New "Build and Release" Model Pricing Structure

Optional Monthly Marketing Services:


Social Media Management:

Engages current and prospective parents.

Email Marketing:

Keeps your community informed and



Improves your website's visibility on search


TikTok Ads

Targets potential clients on one of the

fastest-growing social platforms

Google Ads:

Increases visibility through targeted

search engine advertisements.

Twitter Ads:

Engages audiences and drives traffic via


10 Social Media Posts

Maintains consistent, engaging content across platforms.

Additional Tailored Marketing Services:

Customized to meet your facility's specific needs

Dedicated Team

Provides a team focused on your account

for personalized service.

Initial Setup Package:


Hiring Funnel Deployment

Streamlines the process of finding and

hiring the best staff.

Enrollment Funnel Setup:

Increases child admissions efficiently.

Blog Setup:

Establishes a platform for sharing insights, news and updates.

CDA Course Access:

Provides access to Child Development

Associate (CDA) training for staff.

CRM Access:

Enhances management of parent and

child information

Inbound Support Campaigns:

Engages potential clients through

targeted campaigns

Forms & Landing Pages:

Captures leads with custom forms and

landing pages

Customizable Contact Manager:

Organizes contacts with a flexible

management system.

SMS Marketing System:

Connects with your audience through text


Business Automation

Streamlines operations with automated


5 Hours of CRM Support:

Offers expert assistance to maximize CRM


Next Steps:

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